Ollie Zedler
Ollie Zedler
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Febuary 29th
Height: 5'9
Sexuality: Straight
Address: New York, New York
Occupation(s): French Teacher

Glee Club Director

Aliases: Oliver James Zedler (Full Name)

Mr. Zedler

Family & Friends
Family: Martin Zedler (Father-deceased)

Lauren Zedler (Mother-deceased)

Norah Zedler (Sister

Relationships: Harper Keating (Ex-Girlfriend)
Friends: Thom Dexter
Employer: Dr. Theodore Pal
Enemies: Dr. Theodore Pal

Harper Keating

Other Information
Education: Unnamed High School

Unnamed College

Series Information
First appearance: Army of One
Portrayer: Ewan McGregor

Ollie Zedler is a main character Clash of the Academy's. He is the french teacher at Reinheart Academy for Boys and is the director of the school's glee club, Troublemakers United.

Ollie is portrayed by Moulin Rouge and Big Fish star Ewan McGregor and was created by series writer UndercoverGleek1.



Early LifeEdit

Season 1Edit

Army of OneEdit



Season 1Edit




  • Season 1 Promo


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